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K O O L K I M new #1MTD   

Thursdays are for #1MTD's is the byline most every Thursday morning when Kool Kim posts a new “One Minute Takedown” (#1MTD)

This week Kool Kim took on a classic from one of the most universally beloved lyricist in the game, none other than the “Ticalian Stallion”, “the Iron Lung”, “Johnny Blaze” or most commonly known as Method Man of the notorious WU-Tang Clan.

With a video that loosely references the original work through similar locations, costumes, and Video editing/Color pallet as the original work, Kim and his cast of characters (which includes his immediate family) continue to delight HipHop heads with seriously constructed, and hard edged hiphop with a Twist.

And that's what today's blog is about. That twist. It comes from a saying that Kool Kim has been floating in connection to his latest work. “Make HipHop Fun Again”. 

“I think that people forget what made hiphop win once it became a national movement. They forgot that it was FUN! They forgot the wonder and mystery, the magic of the music and culture when it was achiving it's breakthrough. That music, those artist were fun to explore. All of them had different stories and different approaches. It was almost like comic books. Each book starred a different hero from a different place with a different reason to fight crime. And that was exciting. So I'm bringing the fun and creativity back in my own way!” Said Kim.

It's this very concept that earned the notice of the folks at 'Weekly Rap Gods' . WRG is a popular Curator of the HipHop culture and experience popular on IG, FB and X (Twitter). With a mission of being the premier destination for hip hop culture, providing a platform for fans to discover new talent, celebrate classic artists, and stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends. The idea of “Making HIPHOP Fun Again” aligned with their ideals as an institution that serves the culture. 

As a result this episode of #1MTD has been sponsored by Weekly Rap Gods, and Kool Kim as a Collaboration project.

“I'd like to begin setting a new paradigm for how HipHop artist can work with hiphop Media and Curators of all sorts by doing such collaborations” - Kim

The upsides to this collaboration are plenty and meaningful. One one hand Kool Kim accesses they immense and invested support base that WRG enjoys and on the other hand they affirm their commitment to supporting and encouraging Music and Artist that are doing important things in the culture.

“I hope this is this collab establishes a precedent for us and for the culture of what working together in this capacity should and could be like!” 

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